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Sing, Buzz, Blow, Play. has been released!

My first book has been published by the wonderful Andy Duncan

Here is the link to the book - availale in both hard and pdf copies;

We are delighted to present Sing, Buzz, Blow, Play: The new book written by Mark Reynolds.

Sing, Buzz, Blow, Play is a set of warm ups and various technical exercises covering numerous different aspects of daily playing and improvement goals.

This book describes how, by applying the four concepts of Singing, Buzzing, Blowing and Playing, you will be able to approach many of the musical and technical issues you may have, in an efficient, relaxed and concentrated manner.

The book has 50 pages of information and exercises with 16 chapters which explain and gives many exercises designed to build and develop essential techniques for the Eb tuba such as, Breathing and Blowing, Buzzing, Range, Low Register Articulation, Lip Flexibilities, Volume and Stamina and many more.

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