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More Sing, Buzz, Blow, Play reviews!

Some more very kind reviews of Sing, Buzz, Blow, Play. Thanks so much Ross Knight, Dean Morley and Marty Erickson! Very much appreciated!!

Mark Reynolds’ new book ‘Sing, Buzz, Blow, Play’ is an absolute must have for tuba players. Whether you have a quick 10 to 15 minutes to warm up, or a decent 2 hours work out of basics, flexibility, scales, etc, this book has it all! From start to finish Mark has structured this book to cover every single aspect necessary to develop everything a tuba player needs to be successful, even the tiniest details that one does not often think of.

The book contains a mixture of common exercises through to some very complex exercises covering the full range of the tuba and Mark explains how to approach each exercise in perfect detail. I particularly like his approach to supporting air flow throughout each exercise, including the use of the image from the cover of the book to remind the player to think about the way they are blowing and to constantly support with sufficient and appropriate use of air.

Most importantly of all is the fact that this book is useful for all types of player, whether it be a seasoned professional orchestral player, a top brass band player, a student or an amateur player looking to improve on basic techniques.

I can’t recommend this book enough and will be using it as a staple in my warm ups and daily basic exercises.

Ross Knight – Solo Tuba of l’Orchestre de la Suisse 

Dean Morley is a BBb Tuba player with over 36 years playing experience with some of the worlds finest brass bands. Bands such as Desford Colliery, Fodens, Grimethorpe and the Brass Band of Battle Creek.

Dean has reviewed the Mark Reynolds Sing, Buzz, Blow, Play, technical exercises for Tuba and Euphonium Treble Clef Edition, and his findings are below.

The content of Sing, Buzz, Blow, Play makes for a refreshing read, and does far more than just providing technical exercises for the Tuba player to practice to lead to improvement. It provides a comprehensive practice routine that once adopted, should lead to improved airflow, intonation, stamina, flexibility, and technique.

At only 60 pages long, it’s not too lengthy and will fit easily into instrument cases so that it can be taken to your practice location with ease.

The introduction details the rudimentary activities to practice before you even play a note, which is different to most exercise books. These include breathing exercises to help with airflow, buzzing exercises to help with intonation and production, and warm-up exercises to prepare the embouchure for the various exercises to follow.

The main body of the book contains various exercises aimed at improving technique, range, flexibility, volume, stamina, and then warm down exercises to complete the practice regime.

I particularly enjoyed the exercises below the stave in ledger line territory, which is where tuba players need to be most proficient. Written in both treble and bass clef, it covers both favours of tuba player.

If you want to improve all aspects of your playing, then Mark Reynolds Sing, Buzz, Blow, Play, technical exercises for Tuba and Euphonium is for you.

All in all, the book is laid out very well and if used correctly I think that anyone should benefit from the exercises and explanations you presented. I am delighted to have this and congratulate you on a great addition to our repertoire. 

Marty Erikson: Former principal tuba of the United States Navy Band in Washington DC, Eb Tubist with the Brass Band of Battle Creek, Lecturer in Tuba and Euphonium at Lawrence University.

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